TIZ TRU: mah girth

Datz rite

shameless prom…

from www.fotolog.net/danorq (check mah girls)

randomly… it is of no use here in da sdc as moi is da onlñy guy livin in chile

wow! that sounds randomly pretty awesome. Rachmaninovs second with a symphony orchestra? awesome

whats da 1000$ estudiantes about ??? haha i care for da money !
anyway congratulations for da rach2 … kick some ass and vidrec it so we can store you on our hdd

da 1000$ iz da price of da ticket 8)

hahaha man evah since when i firzt saw the “ale_angelito” i conztantly browze theze fotosheeyatz. befo thiz i did not know ther wuz a webzite wher thouzandz of southamerican highschool girlz pozt picz of themzelvez in ther bikiniz everyday 8)

alzo repec fo tha :rock: concert

da NOR: " n yet I haff only one cock… :rectum: "

HAHAA da cyber casanova :comme: sytle

yea right :ho:


1000$ chilean pesos = 2 US aprox.

da student prices HAHA WTF


ay Angelito, qué hermosa eres tú…

randomly FREE vud be overpriced 8)

hahaahah fuckkk

da hypahinvlazion of da chili :comme: