TM trollz wiz da Meph 2 mystery - attempt 2

come on mofoz, diz GOTTA be a red fucking flag.

No golden age mofo in deir right fucking mind would unleash da Meph 2!

Unlisted video so far, diz gonna go on all da FB 78 rpm jerkoff groups next week 8)


for maximum authenticity I recorded it in 3 “sides”, 3 minz each.
N let loose a bit wiz sum sloppy second-rate golden age mofo zheeyat.

oh man, they will jerk off all ovah diz one 8)


da maiden’s dick got moi $700, pozz diz a $10k worthy RAPE 8)

Diz even has rushing towards da end of each of da 3 78rpm sides 8)

Or dis not smooth enough as da usual myztery peniz?

Tru, pozz if I post diz - da red flag rep will blow ma covah.
Fuck dat.

Diz will remain an SDC only CG rape den 8)

You say petri informal rec they’d buy it. Rep and style kind of fit

This one doesn’t sound as ‘authentic’ for some reason, I think it needs more hiss. Also piano is maybe a bit prominent and not ‘plucky’ enough. I would consider redoing it if you wanna troll. I don’t think any golden agers recorded it, unless you consider Sofro one. Maiden’s Wish was perfect.

You need to degrade the sound quality some more. Cut off more lower and higher frequencies.

Ahhh 4:27. nice

Tru, diz rep juz not a Golden Age zheeyat.
Randomly, I play diz mofo way too brutal anyway.

Brew iz right, diz not up to ma usual myztery penis standard

Imo it’s not the level of hiss that’s the problem. Da 88 is too bright. Eq down the upper treble and pitch shift down 0.25 to 0.75 semitones according to taste, my limited experiments suggest that makes the 88 seem far more mellow…

Good ears!

It was a different 88 than usual.

Da mystery pianist 78rpm zheeyat iz all usually recorded on a 1900’s rebuilt steinway

I’ll def do another attempt 8)
Pozz 20x lighter n lezz brutal

n mo LH 10thz 8)

there ya go 8)

That’s much better, nicely done.
You should get better results with that one.

Randomly, one of the funniest things about the mystery pianist series is all of TM’s alt accounts talking to each other in the comments section. :whale:

Nononono… :wink:

True, there’s an inexhaustible supply. :tm:

Lol are all of the recs on that channel faked?

I assume this only applies to the mystery pianist vids?

Every time I read an article on SlippedDisc it seems that half of the comments are from TM.

Yes just the mystery pianist. The rest are legit.

Just the mystery mofo peniz iz moi.
All the other recordings are authendick.

Dis bazically a reverse-Hatto

I didn’t comment on this one yet, will get on it!!