TM unleazhes da Prick 6 - vid, complete

Back when da Jyard studio had da Steinway B tru.
Sony finally unblocked da 3rd movement, I filed a copyright dispute 8)

hoo did dey claim it wuz?

da 4th mov zound lyk luganzky a bit . . . but wiz much shittier mic ofc :comme:

diz a compliment, really gud ardickulation 8)

da zl*w part a bit zheeyat :dong:

3’57" clazzy 8)

4’52" ahahaha wtf da ZUDDEN POGO

5’30-5’35" da uncharacteriztically patient TM ztumble into zurprize gud tazte

da ending a bit clean fo moi

Haha da zkep approval!

Kizzin :blush:

They’re hopeless. Various companies have autoclaimed almost every video I’ve uploaded too, in one instance insisting something by Chopin in like D major was a Shostakovich P&F in A minor. :gav: Tony is right, it’s just cowboy nonsense - I dispute all of them, and they release the claims within a few hours or days.


Datz mah ex’s motha on da comments, randomly.
Pure wtf 8)

She sounds young and spunky :zhreddah:

Pretty sure he’s posted a pic of her in the past.
From what I remember she looked like a Belleville prostitute.

hahaha now I remember. Your description is perfect :whale:

Daim. 8)

I dun disagree :blush:


fuckkkkkkkkkk tru da commentz from da exz/inlawz wuevah da moz gensui sheeeyat on any tube vid, zwiftly LYKED 8)

n TRU diz TRUMOFO prick6 juz much bettah den da barely-legal-GENIE interp, da ZONY wizhed dey cud zell diz inztead 8)

n note da FINAL ZPAZZ CHORDZ, i dun think a MOIZTET zpeciazlizt lyk LUGANZKY iz capable of diz tru :gav:

Hahaha diz Zteinway B hilariously sound 10x bettah den da Hamburg D dey got now

Biggah izn’t alwayz bettah 8)

Unlezz it iz alzo GIRTHY 8)

Uploaded to ma nu channel n updated da linkz here.

I’m a complete youtube whore now

Hahaha 8)

Da zepp insight and CG be conziztently epic tru

ahahahahah da fuckin GREG re-entry pointz a bit REZPECABLE :sunglasses:

randomly da TRUMOFO zhud zue da SONY fo blockin diz GENSUI PERF

uze yo PIMP COMP MEF VID to extrapolate to a million lozt viewz per year n azk fo appropriate cumpenzation :sunglasses:

dey already unblocked it aftah I submitted a dispute 8)

btw da Steinway B here is fucking WIKID. I requested diz 88 fo ma upcumming Thursday sexion 8) way bettah da den da zlowazz ModelD dey forced moi to use on ma last 2 sessions