tony competition repertoire

genzui suggestionz, i might take dem into consideration or, more likely, ignore dem 8)

hahahahahha da tony!!!


  1. FUriouz bach toccata (pozizlby tha eminor)

  2. TE 10 11 12

  3. Bizet/da Tony - Paraphraze of tha Pearl Fizherz Duet :doc:

hahaha, tony. the repertoire you suggested is a bit shit.

Swap Haydn for something like Italian Concerto, or a few fugues from AoF

bit shit? i dun understand

If I heard Haydn, then 6 Liszt Transcendental Etudes, then Messiaen, I’d probably puke.

If I was at your skill level I’d do something like this:

Bach - Italian Concerto (12 mins)
Schubert - Wanderer Fantasy (20 mins)
Prokofiev Sonata 3 OR Balakirev Islamey OR Alkan Festin D’Esope (8 mins)
Then a couple of Scriabin etudes to finish things off