top 5 albumz from tha legendary 90'z

tru tha 90’z, unlyk tha 00’z, conzizted of extremely talented bandz fo tha moz part. zo unfozheeyatly amazing groupz lyk alice in chains or zmazhing pumkinz or primuz harzhly dun git tha nod.

  1. pearl jam ten

  2. biggie ready to die

  3. nirvana in utero pozz neevahmind

  4. gnr uze yo zheeyat II

  5. ztp purple

:stop: :whale:

pozt yorz :gav:

alice in chains were great, well dirt is at least. I randomly love Prodigy’s fat of the land. Da tru dre’s 2001, Metallica Black album. There’s heaps of sheeyat, too hard to choose.

albums that come to mind are fat of the land what brew said, and nas illmatic and wu tang 36 chambers, had a HUGE meaning in my life. and probably portishead dummy. i only recently discovered pearl jam (tru :frowning:), fukkin’ luv em though

the first 6 tracks of ten are just gensui. Itz very rare to get that level of consistency in popular music

w33z0r - blue. pozz pinkerton 2. :kan:

zoundgarden zupahunknown cud pozz replace purpl on mah lizt :gav:

hahaha fuck

a random 5 no ordah

nightwizh - oceanborn

'tallica - S&M

blind guardian - nightsheeyat in middle sheeyat

weezah - pinkahton

tha offzpring - zmazh

dere iz zo much mo…

n i wuz zay da 00z iz alzo fukkin legendary

tru ve c da CHAFF but in retrozpect each decade mozly haf da zame quality wheat left ova :ho:

oceanborn is wikid because it has the riddler, but what after da angelz fall first? diz iz da old nightwish wif da prominent folk azpec. da nymph fantasia randomly a brew fav

tru GnR uze yo illuzion 2uz inzane

RATM evil epmire iz mah fav record of da decade tho

n tru

haha da battle fo LA n renegadz ma fav ragez

n tru BRU da NYMPH lyricz a bit :whale:

thiz iz one of mah all tym fav zongz i muz zay


Tupac–All Eyez on Me
Warren G–G Funk Era
Faith No More–Angel Dust

(hard to name just five, though)

haha deeper shall be tha wounds between your legz :lib: :dong:

yup 8)

goddamn i luv thiz track:


tru tha top 25 or zum zheeyat wud be mo wikid