Top young female pianists today

After the talk about Khatia Buniatishvili, I’m wondering who you think are the top young female pianists playing today. My first thought goes to Polina Leschenko. It’s too late in the night for a second :slight_smile:

Yuja Wang by a BIG margin.
I happen to like Fei Fei Dong in certain rep as well, randomly. But then again, that’s just me. 8)

I don’t like her at all :slight_smile:

Thanks, first time I’ve heard of her.

hahaha, no luv for da Yuja, I see… 8) daim.

Yuja for sure.
Another is Vinnitskaya.
I like VBM too, but I seem to be in the minority there.

Da Khatia Bunnyvilla just not my cup of tea.
Hell, I think Astanova plays better den her 8)

That morbidly obese girl who played a magnificent Liszt PC 2 in the Queen Elisabeth Competition (in the year that Vinnitskaya won). I can’t remember her name.

edit, found her name: Plamena Mangova

Oh damn, she’s put on even more weight since I last saw her. :whale:

+1 for Anna Vinnitskaya, heard her in Rocky 2 last year and it was wonderful

If people have any bootlegs of Vinnitskaya I’d love to hear them.
I’ve only got radio broadcasts.
Btw, what happened to Sofya Gulyak?
I haven’t heard about her in a long time.

Da Yak is teaching at RCM, they managed to get a Visa for her. Not that i’m bitter… :brotha:
Dunno how much performing she’s doing.

She’s focussing on performing in Italy. Someone has to give high-T performances there now :lib: seems have lost his way.
I always loved her very sparse use of the pedal, makes her stand out.

edit: this seems to be outdated. she was very active in Italy up to a year ago, even giving premieres of new pieces. :doc:

Also Lise de la Salle was a very promising pianist some years ago, she didn’t extrapolate like many people thought she would.

I really don’t know. She put on quite a lot of weight and I get the feeling she was having some trouble, inside or out.

I’m going to propose that none of the women mentioned comes close to the playing heard here

She displayed strange anti-social behavior towards her guest family in the Liszt Competition (2006?) documentary. She might be as autistic as Volondat.

I’ll give it a listen, I’ve heard of her but that’s it.
Re Lise de la Salle, I also had been wondering what she was up to.
It seems she’s based in NYC these days.
She doesn’t seem to play much in France (or Paris at least). I wonder why.

Put it this way, at least you and I can run for parliament. :dong:
Or get your Mum to apply for Italian citizenship like that Canavan mofo.

Anyone heard Alice Sara Ott maybe?

I heard her live around 2010. She plays GUD, and her playing was not muddy like da other pianists in dat festival. Great sparkling tone.

To quote Jake - " she’s very Ott" but her playing doesn’t do much for me.