summoning da @Ashley_Tervort

Only John Ogdon and later Lazar Berman poss compete :sunglasses:


Need the Allegra Cole version

summoning @normanlebresheeyat

or Norman lebreast, pozz

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She might play better than the Khatia

Good architectural approach :sunglasses:


Solidly built yeah :sunglasses:

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I don’t think :lola: would bounce as much as da punani

The silicone effect.

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The thrusts would be better tho

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Asslift a legendary move

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Basically what da :tractor: interps would sound like if she had the extra 30% facility.

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Lol I prefer da :tractor: to da punani but pozz dis an artefact of spending too much time here.

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Dasdc so deviant that I can see a poll to produce the greatest pianists of all time ending with a top 5 of

  1. :zif:
  2. Tractorgilf
  3. :rectum:
  4. :lola:
  5. Gheylib

And then the tractorgilf proudly proclaiming her latest award all over social media.

That’s a pretty good list yeah

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