Tori Amos - Boys for Péle

Possibly a bit surprising, but aside from radiohead she is my favourite artist. I love everything she has done, and tru am a bit obsessed with her as a person as well.

she was a bit of a child piano prodigy and was the youngest person to be accepted into the peabody conservatory at age 5. and then got kicked out for her obsession with rock and roll. so her albums are all piano driven, and the talent is obvious both in the composition and the technique.

This album is my favourite right now. its a lot darker than her first two albums which made her famous and gave her this “fairy princess” label that everyone placed on her… so she made this which basically destroyed that image. some very dark themes, with an acoustic and baroque sound…harpischord and clav and whatnot.

hahah not zurprizin, zhe iz VALLY WKD

da nu sheeyat i haf her iz vally kikkz 2

respec, I vill get dis 8)


da blood rozez an inztant clazzic daim

haha tru…da harpsichord playing iz wikid

and little amsterdam and voodoo are da fucking sex :smiling_imp:

ahahahaha dis album

fuckin tru

btw TS, did u get da Spitting Feathers I pozted?

not yet, but ill get it now. I have them already from the single releases, but not the compilation. Was this recently released? What are the vids on it?

note da “give me peace, love, and a hard cock” line at the end of professional widow…hahaha

HAHAH juz REZPEC da tori CG