Travel there or die trying

You got any particular place on earth you must visit or live in before you die (otherwise you know you’ll regret it seriously for ever)?


But I am afraid I’ll change my mind as I get old and feel I haven’t really seen the world I’ve lived in. If so I would probably try to visit one or two places on each continent, each famous for its distinct culture or distinct nature. But I honestly don’t know exactly which.

What I can say however is that as top holiday locations atm, harrison land is at the very top. Me and a friend found ourselves in front of a travel program from there earlier this year and we were just stunned by how beautiful the place was, and yet in a really cozy kind of way. Love the culture/history too, the Celts, Druids (pozz I’m wandering off in to Scotland now) etc is just one big mystery to me, and a bit more interesting than the sword & shield England.

I’d love to hear you answer your own question incidentally Vlad. You’ve already travelled more than any other person I know except possibly one of my cousins.

I’m not that interested in travelling, but I would really like to see landscapes that you can’t find in Australia. Priority at the moment, is Lapland or Norway. The other priority destinations are places I could easily travel to but for some reason never have, such as the UK and Italy.

Ah yes, Italy is definitely second on my list - and more likely to happen than Wales since there are so many great concert opportunities there. Also an easy place to convince friends to join for such weekends. I think I’d do several weekend trips to different cities however (each with a concert :nerd_face:) rather than hanging out a whole week in Rome or Venice. Colosseum would be fun of course, as would Venice, but from what I’ve heard they’re so crowded with tourists that it’s more like being at Disneyland than these imposing or romantic historical sites you imagine them as.

South america I really want to see. Rio looks amazing.

I’ve been lucky enough to live in my favorite parts of da USA…but dat iz moztly because I had no profession so when I’d visit some random place Alaska or da NYC I’d invariably juz decide to move there (basically stay) and git zum random job to live on. Dat iz even wut happend with me moving to Holland fo a girl (NOT azian)

only da lazt couple yrz I find my foothold and work that I enjoy and good at dat I kan make enough to do wutevr I feel like when da seasons is poor (grow lots and lots of weed in cali)

diz wintah I plan to spend with mah older sista and her family in Kenya so I can find mah African princezz



Austria would be nice too. I mean -->



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No kidding

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Where I live if anyone wants to visit.

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Looks beautiful Comme!
One of my Australian friends is in Austria at the moment, she went to see a concert at the Musikverein and I was heaps jealous. However, shockingly she didn’t go visit Beethoven, Schubert et al. Think she’s in Salzburg now.

HAHAHAHAHA fuckkkkk unpredicktably legendary!!

REZPEC da COMME :sunglasses:

To be fair I live in the next town along about a mile away :sunglasses: but that village looks better, it’s the village up the river from my town here :

And a view from the north looking south.

Still not bad, a lot cheaper to live here than in the village above with the castle!

That’s a super cool place to have nearby. Not just the castle, the moat there does loads as well.

Damn, I want a castle in my backyard as well. We have a couple of medieval churches within biking distance, but that’s as close as I get.

Loads of castles in my county. Historically it’s the border county between England and Scotland so lots of fighting over who owns the land.

pozz tha yapon, china n korea n auztralia n NZ

realiztically, tha niagra fallz to gambl at tha cazino :sunglasses:


Tru, I’d also like to visit da New Zeppland. I’ve been to Auckland airport once on the way to Tahiti but that’s it.

Where I live: