Trifoniv Debuts Self Written Concerto

Who do I have to blow to get a bootleg of this?

I hope you all caught is complete Trans. Etudes from Carnegie on Medici. … _stud.html

Haha Tru

hahahaha :dong:

Is there a rec? I actually bought a ticket but ended up being in Maine at the time so i couldnt go

okay…hahaha i just youtubed and da whole sheeyat is there


hahaha whut cuz be tha facilizheeyatd verzion of te10? :lib:

hahaha dis classic Rob pozt 8)

haha I zaw hiz TEz live n I’d zay he iz mo a rapizt dan a cheatah 8)


i azked mrz trifonova n zhe concurz wiz diz MART azzezzment 8)

da Trii mofo!!!