Troll the Iopa into Chop God Release

This legendary collector who knows libetta giving him the nudge to release his Chop Gods and posted an excerpt from a 2006 recital. Go and flame to release or be damned!


Dude also tested Lib’s sight read skills here with an at first sight reading test…

Randomly this the best Alkan perf he’s done snagged on cell by this guy… though I think parts are in the wrong key…


Haha da LIB inzane reading


AHAHAHAHAHA FUCKKKKKKK if dat wuz a firzt attempt ziterape den tiz fo zhor inzanely LEGENDARY!!!

In general, ziterape depend on 2 zheeyatz

  1. Whethah u iz familiah wiz da writing ztylee


  1. If u iz allowed to look at da zcore b4 hand

Fo eg

if da zepp wuz given 5-10 minz to examine diz LIB zcore away from da 88

I iz fully cuntfident of delivahrin a zimilah level firzt attempt ziterape :sunglasses:

But if twuz a zero prep-tym blind rape den

no, I dun think I can reach diz level

Yet :sunglasses:


Man the links went dead. Lib buries evidence of sight reading all his public perfs for several decades… hmmm

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Yeah, I think dis is a majah factor.

I watched da :lib: zightrape and thought it wuz 100% genuine. Da cam pozition wuz perfect for seeing dat hiz eyez didn’t move from da zcore, and hiz body movementz had that zlitely ztiff, non-fluid azpect you often see with good zightrapiztz.

Another factah iz if da mofo haff heard da work beforehand, dat changez the zightraping procezz fo sho.


Tru but diz zounded lyk zum inzanely random zheeyat

Emphaziz on da word random

N alzo da word zheeyat :sunglasses:


Ahahahahah tru juz

Wut song is diz :t_rex:

Diz a 5/10 work from da LIB ziterape

Zo potentially 8/10 in priztine interp :sunglasses:

Ahahahaha truuuu ezpecially fo mofoz wiz legendary earz lyk yozelf

At a point it vil ceaze to be ziterape n inztead becummah

Zcore-guided impro re-enactment from memory :sunglasses:

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Lib site read Pixis:

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