tru i came on 2day n twuz really quiet; cant mizz it tho

tru tha nu thread :gav: 8)


haha ok den

daim i did not epxect to come across a sheeyat like diz

ahahahaha tiz been a while my friend :gav:

I had green beer and several pints of Guiness.

i have a feeling daSDC is dying soon.



I haff a feelin da kritty iz dyin zoon 8)

poztin in a tru thread

tru itz been a bit zl*w but tha mods recently made tiz wikid new forum:

hahaha da VOL

tru i edited yo pozt to add tha TM quote after i moved his pozt so people could see yo gensui 8)

moddin. tru style 8)


haha when someone quotes sheeyat iz da only time I see TM postz. 8)



itz nut so quiet here anymore if u iz azking mah bad self

tru there must be like 5 members that pozt regularly. tiz inzane 8)

ok tru 8)

my hypothezis iz dat da internet itself destroyed dasdc

discuzz 8)