Truly disturbing Lola vid (viewah dizcretion advized)

Dedickated to Sultanov.

Pure wtf

Mannnn, da Tube not willing to host da vid?!!!

That was dizturbing? For a 2 year old maybe. :ghey:

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tru when i zaw ‘unwrapped’ in da title i wuz expectin A LOT MO :sunglasses:

Haha undah da guise of clazzical muzic, diz a bit too BDZM, Doll fetish

Tru, but not as big a letdown as da

:gav: unzipped :zipper_mouth_face:

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Da lebrecht evidently unable to type hiz uzual level of mouthy sheeyat az doing so wud haff hindahed hiz wanking.


Haha, da cummentz on da NL blog. There’s a definite correlation between the level of downvoting and common sense. I wager some of dese fuckahz haven’t had sex (with or without pharmaceutical assistance) in at least a decade.

Anyway, dat LOLA vid is NOTHING cumpared to dis cg:

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