trumofo finally leaves for ever


you can get me on da MZN if you want. Mah MZN email sheyeat is

tru, I didn’t want to create a hotmail account, but dis email workz. If you want to talk, add me.


When Chris bans me this time, it will be the final tym. Letz hope this stay ws the most legendary.


no one cares

unneccesary comment

sheeyat 'n stuff :doc:

Trumofo…I iz pregnant. :zhreddah:

drama :lib:

sheeyat 8)

he haff left yet still returned foh addin an avatar?

:zhreddah: , tiz called CG

vatch n lern :smiling_imp:

:comme: :comme: :comme: tiz tru

da zepp cunzidah da trumofo a tru friend 8)

da trumofo was cg…

a year ago…


so hu won?

When u battle da trumofo, nobody winz. :wood:


I like Apples.