trumofo writes to da Scrib Museum regarding da sofro

and tru!!! getting sum responses. Da main beeyatch will send me a list of all da Sofro scrib museum recz dat survived, pozz.
when she moves her azz.

meanwhile, dere are sum unexpected things dat Sofro had in hiz rep and didn’t record. Let’s hope dat some of these exist in those archives.

I wish some of these would surface:

Scarlatti: 12 Sonatas

Bach: French Suites 2, 5, 6, English Suites 2, 3
Bach Busoni: 10 Chorale Preludes, tocatta and Fugue c minor and d minor

Beethoven: 32 Vars

Shoe: tocatta 8)

Chopin Sonatas 2 and 3 (3rd sonata is recorded without the last movement) , Ballade 2, Scherzi 3 and 4, 16 selected etudes

Liszt Mephisto Waltz 1, 3, Mephisto Polka, Venezia e Napoli, TE 10, 6 Paganini etudes, Rhapsodies 2, 3, 6, 9, 12 (FUCKK)

Wagner-Liszt Isoldaz death scene tru

Grieg Ballade

Balakirev Islamey! FUCKKK

This is where da russian-ness pays off! :rectum:

I’ll try to be chill with diz chick, I don’t want to piss her off - she could erase dose recs 8)

I is hoping for a SOFRO BOMBAH

I wonder if RECTUM ever played in da Scrib museum

He would have truly demolished dat old 88 8)