Trump Looses Re-election

They have gutted their golden goose to save face

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“Remainz part of da campaign”
i c
Cud be a move to lull da Demz into a falze senze of security :sunglasses:

Interesting… this fire and hush money for “consulting” move a bit smart.

I might put some money on :trump: winningl frankly

all prescripted garbage. Da TRUMP got sum serious JOO/Illuminati connections plus a tranny wife n daughter.

Ahahaha da :trump: now cornahed himzelf to da point where

hiz bezt n only chance fo re-election iz to

ztart a war wiz china


My 2 cents is he wins by default.

Hmmm, n fuck up da Ivanka’s trademarks?

Xi Pooh, Epstein and Trumpy are best buddies probably attend the same monthly satanic ritual abuse sessions. Hell, they’re related to eachother.

Hahaha daim dis Biden “do-abzolutely-nuttin-n-let-trump-dig-hiz-own-grave” ztrategy juzt might work :trump:

Da Trump vs Biden is going to have crazy high views.

I’ll definitely be high while watching. ; )


Six months ago I was sure he will start a war - like other presidents before him. US missiles were already targeting Iran when Covid19 crossed his plans. But why not making use of the pandemic and cancel or at least postpone the election, for the safety of the American people of course.
He is the President, he can do everything! Who will stop him…?

How can mofos take politics seriously?

There is no truth there, only deception and media personalities. Fake currency. Perpetual debt and the parasitic class living off our classes and stealing kids to traffic to Lolita islands.

Thank God da :musical_keyboard: is da ultimate truth.


Diz election will pozz decide if da :hui: viza iz renewed or not :sunglasses:

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Nope. Da :us: colleges make raw cash from “foreign investments”

Nobody is messing with the arts student visas, just da TECH jobs