Trying to recall a random pianist

A friend on another site asked me to help him find a pianist that he remembers seeing. Sounds intriguing, if anyone can help…

" … in the past two or three years, I’ve maybe stumbled a couple of times on the website of a dutch pianist (or was he german?), most probably dutch… quite young, …good looking?, he sells his extremely classy and expensive recordings on an exclusive basis on his dedicated website, and only there, and both the piano he uses and the art designers he has (stylish, clean-lines logo too for that self-made man label), are top notch, at least they seem to look like it, plus he has a short?, odd? family name, but I haven’t seen any of those albums shared anywhere, so maybe they are not that good after all?

…he’s known, I mean, he’s not exactly a nobody, but not a bright star either?

but his marketing strategy, Premium shit and all, … who might I be possibly not remembering about?"

Any ideas?

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Wibi Soerjadi?

Maybe he meant Joseph Moog? Lol

Well he is a pretty good lookin’ dude. But nothing else really fits.

Speaking of, I got the new Moog disc - Liszt Sonata / Dante / sonnets. Will post shortly.


What kind of music is this pianist playing?

That’s all I have to go on. I assume classical, because that’s all we’ve ever talked about together.

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Perhaps this guy? But he’s Belgian

da mofo hez lookin fo iz

da WIM :sunglasses:


That’s what I was worried about, actually. Though, I’m quite certain his taste is a bit more refined than that.

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bazically every zheeyat fitz :sunglasses:

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I wouldn’t say he’s good looking but, dunno?