Two archive feztin recs with sheet mu*ic

Had great fun (ok dat iz really pushing moi definisheeyat of entertainment) retrospectively editing audio where I only have one take :dong:

No miracles but it’s quite funny when I’m able to take out or ameliorate split notes many years post event… definitely found sum editing tricks :lezbo: in retrospect I’m not as precise memory-wise as I thought.

Dis 88 is really not at all bad imo for a not tru full size non-prestige marque, even if I have cleaned up da audio and added a touch of reverb.


Heh let me hear da Erotic Nazi!

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Liszt’s writing really helps too

It’s not some bare-bones Chopin faggotry. Fuck that gay Nazi (TRUMOFO: Chopin album linear notes)

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I forgot how good this tranny is! I prepared it for da 2017 pimp comp…. And never got in to actually play it heh

Genuinely wikid themes and not over saturated. Tasteful :lola:

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Let’s hear da Tall Burglah

yeah, I think it’s a significant improvement on da earlier Er Nazi fant.

Lmao da Thalberg dueled Liszt. Heh heh yeah delusional AF :Poon:

still kinda good music tho :fire:

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I dun know it off da top my head nor da bottom of my nutsack

He didn’t duel da :pimp: with moizt tho. He brought an arpz :orgy: Incidentally his hardest parasheeyatz indicate just wut a seriously good penizt he must have been.

Classic rec of one of them by da ZLIT.

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Yeah that’s a pretty good tranny… I just can’t place that dude anywhere close to Liszt (damn, I’m starting off 2023 being the same cunt as always!)

Then again, Rosenthal (a Liszt student) dissed da Pimpson and mocked Horowitz.

2023 motto: embrace being a cunt :sunglasses:



I think he was genuine competition peniztdickally but da :pimp: a far more inventive cumpozah.

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Yeah da pimp also had superhuman sightreading and impro skills

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Next thing I know, I’m WRITING my own philosophy and staring an onlyfans

Now that I think of it, I could use a fast laptop


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Dis texture!

We understand dis kind of sheeyat nowadays and how to approach it, but in the 1840s it must have been really something.

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I might look at Thalberg once I haff my fill of Liszt

Maybe 30 Liszt albums later :dong:


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Accidentally becumming




I only wish Earl Wild had recorded more of him. He is to Thalberg what :zif: is to da :pimp:

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Da Wild a far greater pianist den people realize

I’d be curious to hear his earliest rec - a 1936 Tchaik 1 broadcast… still locked up

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His :rocky: concz are really good.

And of course

:pimp: :pimp: :pimp: