u mofoz make mah life worth livin

haahhahaah much respec to daSDC 8)

i iz not ACTUALLY clinically deprezzed,

describe how da speeddemoncomnu=ity haz changed yo blackass life?

honestly, slightly

what da ROB learned:

Musik iz about fury. anything else iz ghet 8)

I guess not to be too concerned about what peoople say about you, bucuz everyone out there hates us

realistically, MIKEY u would whoop ths Steinwaytony’z azz no problem.

So respec.

hahaha, tru. I iz down in NYC, I should look him up

Steinwaytony can be surprisingly cg occassionally, when he’z not being a prick.

apparently the “comme CG proportionality theorum” iz incorrect.

It states that girth (G) is proportional to Comedic gensui ©, or:

G = kC

however, this must be incorrect because, if your assertation that tony has cg is tru, and it is an accepted fact the he has no girth, then the formula is incorrect.

unless, of course, the proportionality constant iz 0, which would imply that no one has any girth, which I disprove

haha ic


hahahah da mikeyg cumz up wiz da mozt inept sheeyat evah, a DIZGRACE to da ROBz legendary topic 8)

I’d personally like to include the aspect of Fury, so, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to modify your equation thusly, cuz I’m hungry:

G = kFC.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH DA MAN juz gave a maztahclazz in da art of CG :dong:

da effortlezz delivary azide, mozt demonztratively, note da legendary THEME TRANZFORMATION tech. diz iz wut separatez da TRU PIMPZ from da :comme: z. nu cummahz take note 8)

Legendery GENSUI of DA MAN!
much RESPEC!



hahah tha title of dis topic makez it out to be gayah than it actually iz. :shrimp:

i <3 comme

like a brotha?

lyk a rarely rump