uh first post?

hahaha a female

i predickt diz iz alzo da lazt pozt 8)

hahahaah da ominouz predikzion :comme:

saratoga? where is this at? close to LA?

and asian, it would seem. If you don’t scare her off, some othah mofo zurely vill

interested in filming porn for me?

haha, those last 2 posts :slight_smile: and welcome

hahaha da comme n bru, ve haf da cunning of a mongooze n da forezight of a wizard.

shez gone already. :angry: itz all comme’s fault damnit!

:comme: :imp:

I think your jap porn thread might haff sumthing to do with it :dong:

pwned :dong:

All about slulalala
Personal informations

Real name: Sue Anne
Gender: Female
Birthday: 31 Oct 1989

Location: Saratoga, CA
Occupation: Student
Interests: oral sex

rezpec da ORALZEX slulalala :dong: :dong: :dong:

:blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :unamused: 8)

slulalala is most likely a guy pretending to be a girl


tiz not a guy, i no tiz fo sho

obviously, she’s ur friend.