Unchallenged #1 Recordings

Nominate some recordings you believe are supreme by a wide margin and for which no solid competition exists. Feel free to argue against others’ picks.

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Friedman: Chopin Ballade 3, Noct 55-2, Chopet 10-7
Horowitz: 1941 Rach 3 wiz Barb, 1932 pimpson
Cziffra: Pimp GGC
Richter: Mussorgsky Pics

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I agree, except for the Chopin Ballade, Rach 3rd and Liszt Sonata. Too many great recordings of those exist. They are amazing, no doubt, but probably not head and shoulders above all the rest. (Although the same probably applies to Richter’s Wanderer).

I thought of another:

Funny thing is that imo the Cziffra Montreux Totentanz and the ABM Vatican Totentanz stand alone on two very different mountain peaks.

I’ll try to think of a more legit answer :wink:


Da ZLIT 39/6

N zumwut unpredicktably

Da JANDO zart conc 20 :sunglasses:

I’ve certainly not heard all TE recs, but Berman TE2.

Ahahaha dizagree with everything except da Friedrice ChopNoc, sumwhut :japanese_ogre:
But even dat rec I don’t considah “supreme” or “ultimate”. Sumtimez I prefer da Ho’s version, sumtimez da Gilelz live version…it alzo dependz on da mood.
No rec. of any piece is completely ideal IMO.

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Just captured the 55 no 2 friedman from British Archives. Is raw but interesting to hear in different sound.


Yeah, I’d nominate da Friedman op 55/2 for most overrated recording, and Richter’s Sofia Pictures for second most overrated. Otherwise, I’d say Richter for best TE8 with daylight in second place, and Fiorentino for TE6. I really don’t need to hear anyone else play those.

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Only one I can agree with iz :zif: GGC coz I haven’t investigated da otherz enuff/disagree with da rezt.
Zo, unchallenged in my head (zo bazically my fav recz of theze zongz)

SS Etude in da form of da Valse - Cortot (I guess pozz a legitimate contender)
Pimp Tot - Zim
Brahms Quintet - Curzon
Rock gmaj Prelude - Rock

Da Ho Paganini 2 - The elan and effective detail choices outside of the technical stuff really amazing
Da Ho Scarlatti B minor - flowy one
Hofmann Caprice Espagnole - for the accents I miss badly in other perfs
Lhevinne Thirds etude / Schulz evler

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Pogo - Gaspard de lu nuit

ahahahah daiiiiim :sunglasses:

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:rectum: chop ballz
:rectum: TE 8 n 10
:rectum: da ROCKETZ he recd

:whale: complete TEz except 8 n 10
:whale: prick2
:whale: medner zon 2
:whale: medner fairy talez
:whale: la valze
:whale: zcarb
:whale: goldberg

:gman: mart n comme zuitez

explain da friedman 55/2 to moi
zoundz lyk a mofo hu wud be :nopazz: in da local muzic zchool cuz of totally random taztelezz rubato :rofl: :maltempo:

da kapell 55/2 zoundz 1000x mo wikid to moi

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ok how about:

Rach’s own rec of Rock conc 1
Hofmann Chop Andante Zpianato

and for moi
Feinberg playin Scribsons 2, 4 and 5…

With his first concerto, there’s Janis. So it’s not unchallenged, even if I think it’s the best overall. Incidentally, I listened to Zimerman’s Rachmaninoff concerti for the first time in years the other day, and I really disliked both of them.


wait til da MALTEMPO actually rec da 55/2 n u vil realize how wikid da FRIED RICE rubato really iz :sunglasses:

Da Friedrice 55/2 juz belongeth to a different era, n stylee. Pozz sum of da effects iz sound “outdated” to modern ears but diz dun change da fact dat he display a shocking variety of timbres.
Beauty of each registah, not only a pretty top voice

Also da pedalling in a class by itself, dat mofo clears many of da passing tones but holds down da consonant notes in da LH.

Jus a genzui glowing sonority which wuz a revelation when I heard it 10 years ago n still iz!

Da Friedrice learned it just fo dat rec n only programmed it live in 1937 wtf

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Da HOPAG2 iz da one zheeyat of unbeatbl recz dat will never be replaced fo me.