Undeserved "Legends"


Which historical peniszts have puffed up, underserved statuses as one demented comrade refers to as “legendas?” Feel free to expand up yo’ opinions.

Ahaha dis thread likely to provoke dizzenzion fo sho.

I’ll offer up, in da sdc zpirit

Brendull: jus dun play :pimp:, mofo :sunglasses: stick to Haydn
Schnabel: technical cripple and a very self indulgent one at that. Nowadays wud be studying with :wim:
Da Baren: had the talent to be better but moving to cuntduckting pozz a smart sheeyat


In da modern era, da poon, obv

That’s a subtle complement.

Da poon only a legend on dasdc (for CG purposes) and in her own mind.

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Within the next year or two she’ll be the female version of “Learn Piano with Jasper Lee.”

Pozz da FEZTIN a bit harsh to da SHRAPNEL… tru da dude wuz nevah a speed demon, but his tech was equal to his rep, n he had an insight into da core German rep lacking in many other ‘legends’.

I will nominate da :genie: - can’t say i’ve evah liztened to him for pleasure (or with pleasure).
Oh, and da HUFFnPUFF - he winds me right up these days. Plays everything exactly the same and with such painful “sensitivity”.

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ahahahah da ‘legend’ title zhud be rezerved fo mofoz who hold at leazt one :medal_sports: in an approved sdc klazzik

:medal_silver: alzo count if :medal_sports: iz held by da zepp :sunglasses:

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da :comme: makez hiz cummin out :ghey:


Haha daim dis might summon back da t25 :sunglasses:


Haha da SDC haf matured a lot in 2 decadez

We will be truly welcoming to all racez n not reference da fact he iz a nigger at all :mrgreen:

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No but we will reference da fact da u named da :rectum: in dis thread, which juzt might be a bannable offence :dong:


Haha I iz juz lucky da COVID took da Candain out :sunglasses:

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Da :wim: a legend fo sho, well merited too.

Jus not a legend in any pozitiff mannah :sunglasses:

Gulda and Barenboim I don’t like much at all but maybe more a commentary on my taste than their status.

I think Francois gets more love than makes sense. Clearly a genius, also clearly not in love with practicing his programs.

In my opinion, these pianists are “all thumbs!”

Da :lola: an ACTUAL legend

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