Upcoming Recitals?

I played one around Christmas which was:

4 Sonatas (C Major K.487, E Major K.135, B Minor K.87, D Minor K.141)

3 Preludes from op.8
2 Poemes op.69
2 Poemes op.32

Scriabin: 2nd Sonata in G# Minor
Stravinsky: Danse Russe (from Petrushka)
Chopin: 4th Ballade

I have a couple upcoming recitals later this year with no dates set in stone yet but I’ll probably play a mix of the above program and some random pieces I’ve yet to play in public, or just enjoy playing, like

a Byrd pavanne and galliard or two
Froberger Suite XX
some Chopets (10/8, 10/9, 25/6, etc.)

and if this recital in NYC comes through, definately the 3 preludes of Dutilleux which I’ve played before

sounds like a gouldian program, with the byrd and froberger. definitely not something you see everyday.

I have a recital planned for some time in the next 6 months:

Handel - Variations from Suite No. 5
Haydn - Andante and Variations in F
Beethoven - Variations in C Minor
Brahms - Variations on a Hungarian Song Op. 21/2
Janacek - Zdenka Variations
Tchaikovsky - Theme and Variations Op. 19 No. 6
Medtner - Theme and Variations Op. 55
Kapustin - Variations Op. 41

chris, you might consider putting some variations on that concert program. :wink:

yeah, they’re wonderful composers, and in the past year or two i’ve been getting more interested in playing pre-bach keyboard music

yeah, i like to think it’s an interesting choice if for no other reason than the music is beautiful and most piano enthusiasts are simply not exposed to it since it really lives in the realm of earlier keyboard instruments. has gould played any froberger?

i actually dont think gould played any froberger, but it seems like the sort fo thing he would have played alongside all the pre-bach keyboard music he did play, like byrd and gibbons.

Dude, you keep on changing your programme!
Great selection for the Medtner and Kapustin. And the Tchaikovsky is just brilliant. How’s the Janacek coming along?

:approved: Neat, I hope.

Well, the Janacek I already know and have performed before.

I played the Mendelssohn Variations Serieuses years ago and never really did it justice, so I figured I’d trade that out for the Brahms Op. 21/2, which is more my style.

I might end up replacing the Janacek, just because it doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the Russian works in the 2nd half. I have a certain fondness for Schnittke’s Variations on one chord… so that could be the one.

ahaha do it!

Short performance:

Mozart/Reinecke Sonata in F major (two pianos) 1st mvt
Lyapunov Nuit d’été
Bortkiewicz Eros op24 no3 (koji influence hohoho)
Kapustin Preludes op53 no11, 12

Hahahahaha awesome programme :stuck_out_tongue:
I played the Variations Serieuses at a competition two years ago, it’s actually one of my favourite pieces around.

i’m planning some sheeyat to perform for Summer, but i have to decide yet the first half, this is just an idea, considering some of the stuff i’m playing:

  1. half

Clementi F-sharp minor sonata
Schubert: Impromptus

  1. half

Brahms 2nd ballade
Brahms: Sonata no.3

another option for 1. half:

some scarlatti
Clementi Sonata
Bartok Sonata

another one:

Beethson op.81a “les adieux”

(pozz a bit long)

another for 2. half

some random not-so-long piece: (granados, Attwood-Tarrega 8) , etc)
Brahms Son3

tru tha haydn varz :doc:

I have a very strange program, mainly because I was learning music that would strengthen weaknesses (and that it has)

Bach - Toccata in E minor

Weber - Aufforderung zum Tanz (invitation to the dance)

Schubert - A minor Sonata

Chopin - Ballade no 3

Chopin - Etude op 10 no 1

Chopin - Etude op 25 no 6

Moszcowski - No. 11 in A-flat Major

Schumann - Faschingsschwank aus Wien

and I have absolutely no clue how to program all of this in a descent fashion

Any ideas?

here’s my ideas, but i’m not including the weber becasue i don’t know how long it is and am not familiar with it

Bach (a great opener)


maybe :lib:

The Weber can go after the Ballade in jredmond’s suggestion, it’ll be a good ending to a recital.

agreed, and it would be even better if you played the tausig version.

woah, tausig version?

I have never heard of this; I’d love to hear it (if you don’t mind posting a rec?).

Thanks guys, I will strongly consider this. I actually think that it makes a lot of sense now.

The Bach is indeed a great opener and Weber finisher.

here’s benno’s rec:

When stephen hough played a recital here a couple of yrs ago he closed with the Weber, and at the end where there is a bar of rest the audience started clapping thinking the piece was over! I felt like sinking into my chair and disappearing, couldn’t believe they could do that. I just knew it was going to happen too. If you’re playing at school it shouldn’t be a problem though.

btw that’s a fucking long program. maybe a bit too long.


maybe I’ll cut the Faschingsschwank or use etudes as possible encores or something. Its what, maybe 75 min?