upcoming Richter Carnegie set

amazon.co.uk/Sviatoslav-Ric … B071HBBYC1

I presume this will sound better than the Doremi releases
Not sure if it will contain any material that we don’t have. Probably not :rectum:

I already posted all of these. They were released as part of the Complete RCA and Columbia Recordings:

Since this set is apparently wrongly priced (at less than 50p/CD) I ordered it. Let’s see if it arrives.

Anyway, I think it must be an improvement to the DOREMI release, which had horribly over-filtered sonics.

Ah, I thought they would introduce new material…
SONY loves to repackage and resell apparently 8)

Yes this one is just a subset of the bigger Sony/RCA box, except this one will also contain the December 1960 Beethoven recital that was missing from that box (apparently they couldn’t find the tapes at first) but was then released in the big multi-artist Carnegie Hall box.

Thanks for the info, I did not know the story about the “lost” tapes.

Sounds like a combination of the two Sony boxes, but the notes say that in this new box, the recital on Dec 23, 1960 is unedited. In this recital Richter lost his memory when playing the Tempest sonata. In the previous Carnegie Hall box, this was edited and fixed while the mistake is kept in this new box — if this can be called “new material”…

By the way, this might be OT, but does anyone here happen to have the recording of Richter’s Hong Kong recital on Mar 22, 1994? I know it was recorded by the local radio and some collectors do have a copy, but I cannot access one…

One of the very few Richter memory lapses.
Dude had an INSANE memory

I have that. Not sure why you’d want it. It’s nothing special.

My copy is a minidisc bootleg, and the sound isn’t great. However, if you do want it, I’ll post it.

Yes, I do want it. It would be great if you can share it!
The reason I am asking it is because a collector I know who had it said high of this specific concert but he refused to let me access his copy…

Sounds like a real loser. I’ll post it tonight and send you a link by PM.

Well, I have seen quite a few people like that…
Thank you very much for your kindness in advance!

This is the old school trader/horder scarcity mentality which I personally despise.

Agreed. Back in my early days of collecting when I was in college, pre-download era, I benefited greatly from the generosity of a few collectors who shared some stuff with me on tape even though I had little (and in some cases nothing) to offer them in trade except some blank tapes. Their actions really helped me develop my interest and learn a lot about music, and I am eternally grateful.

I’ve also encountered my fair share of people with the horde mentality, and a few in particular who wanted to trade some items but then left me holding an empty bag after I sent them what I had.

Same, we all have to start somewhere.
Ernst Lumpe used to send me mail packages all the way in Australia at his expense. I’ll never forget his kindness.
Not to mention the generosity of the people here.