Upcumming :lib: unleazh

Including da :pimp: wilde jagd!



This mofo got da full TEz set recorded during da Quaran-teen

Seriously, fuck. Rezpek.

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Big balls.

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This worth looking for? Anybody cap?

This is in now randomly?!?!? Thought I missed it.

Can someone capture? I don’t now how on apps. He’s in Mozart sight read which mean the Liszt thrash is impending.

Hmm guess it is over now and I miss most. Oh well!

I’m only hearing some kind of radio broadcast, forgot about it and only just tuned in.

Yeah I think I lucked into hearing a excerpt of the Mozart he played on the braodcast then it was over… had proper title stuff but rest dun play. Will Poke around later when I have some free time to see if it’s listed on a blog or some thing

Time zone probably caused confusion here, it will have started 90m ago.

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Anothah :lib: unleazh. In 2 hrs I think.


So sightread he need two pageturners lol


Today’s sightreading session (?) in 5 hours


Haha da predickted page turnah :mask:

Rezpek diz gensui filming

And tru, da mask is 100% for show.
Pretty soon mofos will start vaccinating themselves on stage?

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Woh just tuned in. This a practice session of full perf?

Is pretty straightforward literal play. Could do with some ghey Lib phrasing imho

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Full perf. Advertised as a concert.


Hahahaha rezpek da random Steinway mutation into a :wim:ztylee 88

AHAHAHAH da fuckin op49 mini-zonz

I noe wut I wud zay if one of ma ztudentz played lyk diz :sunglasses:


Only dipped in here and there, but didn’t enjoy that at all. HATED what he did to Op. 49, which deserves a lot more respect.
Pozz da :lib: got neutered for Christmas?

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