ur fav chopet... in diz lizt

ur fav ghey chopet

  • 10/3
  • 10/6
  • 25/1
  • 25/7

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I actually like all of them but at the moment 25.7
I can`t understand wy deze chop ets are considered ghey(exept maybe 20.6 and 25.1) because we voted that fury wuz moh important dan speed.

-da Meph

but that poll was rigged 8)

mah vote goez to 10/6

25/1, cuz itz so beautiful :blush:

25/7, definately. It’s fury is apparent

  1. 10/6 (love it)
  2. 25/7 (love it)
  3. 25/1 (beautiful , but a bit ghey, tiz tru)
  4. 10/3 (beautiful , but a bit ghey, tiz tru)


10/3 is probably the gheyest one of those, but I guess 25/1 and 10/6 are teh ones becuz they are also the only ones I can play. :blush:


da middle of da 10.3 iz moh furies dan da otahs.

-da Meph

da 25/7, even da GOD rezpeced itz gheynezz 8)

Haha, da 10/6 has a surprisingly un-ghey middle section as well.

u guyz all be ghey fo thinking any of deez pezez b ghey! :comme:

25 no. 7.

Why da slow etudes though. The onez with the fury are way better.

hahaha :dong:

Da 10/6

da 10/3.
maaaaaaan, i can feel da moizture

randomly 10/3 iz good allabreve.

25/7 8)

my fav is 10/3 its soooooo beautiful