ur fave beet son?

mine has to be da tempest…damn!!!

imo it beats all oda sonatas…maybe becuz I havent heard ALL, but i definitely like it way more than da appasionata, moongheylight, hammerklavier, waldstein, and da pathetique…

:brotha: : “tiz iz muh fave son too fuckah!!!”

Hahaha, da n00bness - how dare u pozt to da sdc :chop: :kan: :brotha: :comme:

well, I heff heard most, just NOT ALL…but I definitely lyk it alot…

da last movement is totally badass…

especially when played by da schnabel, lol…

honey all the 32 Beethoven sonatas are fuckin huge and they are all in the first rank even the very early ones they are very mature and its amazing how Beethoven is different in his sonatas because of life circumstances. i cant think of any beethoven sonatas which isnt great.
well i have days i listen to these and not to those , but if u ask me which is my fav beethoven sonata i would tell you ALL of them. and ofcourse they need to be well played , like Schnabel , Arrau , Pollini , both Fischers , Richter , Perahia … basically these names .
i listened to Pollini’s and Casadesus Les Adieux today actually.

yea, da schnabel basically owns these pieces


haha, da lil g maggiore zonata me plyd wuz certainly not hjuudg! :brotha: :stop:




fucking Ohlsson needs to do a full sonatas rec,

because every time he records a sonata, it beats the SHIT out of all of the others i’ve heard


waits eagerly

btw, not to be cliche, but Appassionata, Tempest, op 106, op 109, 111 are my favorites.

they are just such brilliant sonatas.

And I agree about the comment of Beethoven being so diverse in every one of his sonatas and each one being significant.

I am not personally a fan of the earlier sonatas though, I find that he matured very much even from middle to late.

Of the earlier, I like op 2 no 1, op 10 no 1 but neither are of my favorites

ur in Chitown right? Are you going to the Ohlsson :brotha: perfs at Ravinia in a few weekz?

You’re the one I called a cunt (for good reason) because you like the liszt sonata more than op. 111.

Btw, the tempest isn’t all that great.

and neither is Schnabel.

and this coming from who???

since you evidently didn’t catch on, it was coming from me.


hey dumbass, we were arguing Hammer Klavier vs. Liszt Sonata,

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op.2 no.3

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