Valentina Lisitsa practising online now

Hello, I am a bit of a gatecrasher since not a pianist, just interested - I hope you don’t mind - perhaps this is of interest to you: … ebcam#more

Practising Chopin etudes at the moment.


prax webcam?!

wtf 8)

oh, i mizzd chop etudez :frowning:

practizez 13-14 hours a day?


Yeah, very impressive work ethic; just wish I could respond more positively to the playing.

I’ve always thought of practicing as a very private thing and this strikes me as quite voyeuristic… though I suppose if she’s okay with it :shrugs:

hence the wtf, most of the comments are also “omg you’re so beautiful”, so that’s probably why she’s doing it.

Doesn’t seem to be practising atm?

She lives in USA and is hence ~6-9 hours behind European time. I don’t think she gets up to start practising at 7am or earlier :slight_smile:

tru where iz da bedroom cam?

LOL gud question !

dude, she’s not even hot.

And shes 37

stream is online again, starting with the 1st chop polonaise

the stream is too stop/start for me to watch