:nigga: Variations

What are yo fav sets of :nigga: Variations that AREN’T Diabelli, Erotica or cminor?
I’m needing a set in a few months. Started on Eroica but not enjoying it as much as I thought I would.

Pozz da vars in da Op 109 n Op 111

That aren’t in Sonatas either…

Op 76 makes an OK encore for a variation program…short and can be hummed…seems to work for EK this last year.

I’m learning now “God Save the King”, but my favorite are Op. 34 :grin:


Yeh, those are all the relatively well known ones.
Does anyone play the rest? Like the Sussymayer, Dittersdorf etc?
Op.76 might be an option though, need to figure out the rest of the program.

Holy shit, you guys are still going at this?



harzh :sunglasses:


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