Vartanian - da FART unleazhz

Steven Yo Ho, git ohn tha DaynzFlo says:
Jake says:
good pianist!


gud rachzon2

aneone haff a rec of PENDEREICKI piano concerto?

Tru, his Chopin Waltzes arrangements are cool too.

ill post barry douglas’s rec soon.

check out da gensui MEDTNAH alzo

flugelmaniac (6 months ago) Show Hide -3 Marked as spam Reply | Spam technically good but lacks the depth of feeling that is part and parcel of Chopin.
pianoplayer67 (6 months ago) Show Hide +1 Marked as spam Reply | Spam It’s VARTANIAN. U have 2 1st learn the spelling of such kinds of musicians be4sharing 2 the people with your deep thoughts. Be4 2 go 2 listen 2 original versons that make u happy u’ll have 2 read this.

YOU ARE the one who has a lack of feelings posting such things. It technically FREAKING GREAT, OUTSTANDING, u have 2 know that. If u can’t hear the musicality of this performace appreciate the brilliant humor 'n admire an xclusive imagination! Otherwise no doctor can cure your jealosy.