vat shud i learn?

diz iz pozzibly a bit 88zreet…

but im learning da shoebird 960 and need something 2 compliment it. diz iz da only piece im working on at da moment
i was thinking a smaller piece(dunno who, pozzibly da scrib), sumthin around 10 min max

pozzibly sum medtner

giff me SD suggestions


Scrib fantasie or 2nd sonata…possibly (or Da Flame if you wanna freak people out) 8)


:ho: “Get ready for big sound” :ho:

da bez piecez in diz :stop: frame iz da KAN 39/10, 39/4, pimp polo1, n pozz da chop bal4 if u iz a puzz :whale:

haha i haff attempted da 39/10

i got 2 pgs in and den quit…its fuckin hard

u dont appreciate how hard shit iz until u try and play it

i think its a toss up between scrib2 and da flamme unless sumone giffs me another good suggestion

just learn a few chopets…or TEs…


:doc: :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc:

i propose da villa-lobos rude poema… :lib:

seconded :doc:

datz right


da kan sonata op.33.


it is almost 20 minutes…

-da Meph

da LICKIT (ligeti) etudez no.6 and 13

not at Prestizzimo zpeed.



haha dats da only speed i can play at :dong:

pozzibly da quasi faust


Chopin polonaise 44. possibly.

of course I dont know how good you are, and that is certainly a very difficult piece.

-da Meph

messiaen - one of the vingt regards. pozzibly no 6.


dude , study whatever makes u a better artist

Although it’s a bit Kissin, I’ve used a 960-Mephisto combo a lot.
Speaking of Rudepoema, I’m goign to listen to :doc: play that in two weeks.

hahah daym where iz thiz perf take place?