Versus Poll - Chopin op10 vs op25

Which do you prefer?

  • Chopin’s op10
  • Chopin’s op25

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Op 10!

I’d rather select 6 from each. I’ve heard the complete op10 in concert a couple of times, but so far never op25.

It’s incredibly tight - I love both sets of course - but I just couldn’t be without 2-5 from Op.10. The only drawback is that it also has one of my least favourite works by Chopin. I’m going to leave which one it is unsaid…

For me the ones from opus 10 would be 1,2,4,7,8 et basta. From op25: 1,2,3,5,6,7,9,10,11,12. So actually I probably just choose op25.

Not 3,10 from Op.10?

Not 5 from Op.10???

Ahahahah da zepp cummah to break da tie randomly :sunglasses:

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3 I can tolerate but I hardly love it. And I actually like the godowsky versions of 5 better.


True :slight_smile:

hahahahah fo zum cg i vil attempt to lizt op 25 in ordah

firzt one iz tha a flat majah one with tha circulah arm mvtz
2nd iz tha f min tripletz one
3rd iz…pozz tha one godowzky made into a ZURK altho i think that one might be tha 4th
4th iz tha polka one? if not than tru that iz tha 3rd one
5th iz maybe alzo tha polka one
6 iz of courze tha grifflahz
7 iz tha HO cello one
8 iz tha 6thz one i only know thiz becuz of tha TM tube :sunglasses:
9 iz tha octav one or tha cheezy g flat one
10 iz tha oct if nine iz not, 11 iz coldfart, 12 iz tha c minah comme clazzic

hahahaahha zo tru between 3,4,5 i am mizzing one :lib:


hahahah man tha f majah one #3; i dun think iv evah even liztnd to that one tha whole way through

ahahahahah diz a 90sec mofo, daiiiiiim da patience of da ROBBAH :sunglasses:


right, now we’re officially into 88street thread territory


Daim.tha best rec is da ASH live at the chopin comp. I will find that for you.

Now now, if it was 88st it would be a completely preposterous poll re two utterly disparate entities that there’s no chance of the OP either playing or understanding, e.g. “I want to tackle a really big piece. So far the hardest piece I’ve played is Fur Elise. Hammerklavier or Feux Follets?”



I just think back to what a polite, well-behaved mofo I was back in the pianostreet days. I wouldn’t have the patience to indulge those morons these days.

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I’m surprised how many chose op. 10. Wrong assumption thinking pianists would prefer op. 25 obviously. For me it’s 25 no question.

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I think Op. 25 is better music, hands down. Op. 10 has its moments, but is overall weaker.

I think this generally applies to most of Chopin’s music. Later opuses (opera?) are typically stronger than the earlier. Chopin was always getting better and better. It’s painful to think of what he’d have written if he’d lived even 5-10 more years.