Versus Poll - Islamey vs. Scarbo

Which do you prefer?

  • Balakirev’s Islamey
  • Ravel’s Scarbo

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deze r difficult :woozy_face:

I’m so tired of Islamey, and Scarbo is the more complex work of them, but I’ve actually never liked it. I’m going to go for the Russian.

Though the REAL question here should have been whether you like Islamey or da fake Islamey by Liapunov best. :wink:


Only YW has ever made Islamey sound like music to me. So Scarbo.

Harshly da Scarbo, tho da JIHAD a better compo

Not an easy thing to decide for me…

Probably Islamey, because it’s difficult to exclude Scarbo from complete Gaspard…

Scarbo all da way for me. Though da Pogo live 1992 Carniggah Hall almost converted me.


Da blacockirev anal jihad happens to be gensui compo based on 2 zheeyat folk tunes.

Da scarbo genzui material but had sum structural issues imho.

ahahahaha if u take both az a 3-mvmt zheeyat, tiz obviouz dat

da ZCARB crammed all itz gensui into da firzt mvmt

while da JIHAD iz a mo balanced compo with gensui evenly zpread-out in every mvmt :sunglasses:

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