Versus Poll - Liszt Ballade no2 vs. Chopin Ballade no4

Now this is an interesting contrast, two masterworks of the Ballade genre - but which is your favourite?

  • Liszt’s Ballade no2 in B minor
  • Chopin’s Ballade no4 in F minor

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Chopin’s 4th ballade, but the Liszt ballade is also an extraordinary work and it should be plauyeds more often

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Absolutely! This is a tough one but Chopin’s winning 3-0 so far. I was expecting it to be less one sided!

I votet for Chopin because it might be the best piano piece ever written and not because I dislike the Liszt one


You know this might be the very reason very few composed Ballades after Chopin…with such a mighty example to live up to.

Even piano sonatas became a bit less common after Beethoven, and composers varied piano music forms more.

Do you know of York Bowen’s Ballade no2? It’s a great work…a bit inspired by Chopin’s Ballade no2 but in my opinion actually a greater piece.

Dude, Op.52 could be the greatest work in the literature as far as I am concerned


For whatever reason, it’s never done much for me. I played the other 3, but never even printed off the score for the 4th. Having said that, the Liszt second ballade is not his strongest work, and has always struck as being too episodic. It’s only been very recently that Fernanda’s performance convinced me that it’s good music.

Wow actually I think if we took a consensus among musicians - Chopin’s Ballade no4 would probably(I’m guessing) be voted as the greatest work in it’s length category.

Yeah, for me it’s a tossup between it and the Liszt sonata.


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No. 4 has a structural problem, takes a while to get going.
Sort of a rondo… the refrain is already repetitive … each repetition of it is in the same fuckin register…

You know, I can’t stand No 4…

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