Versus Poll - Prokofiev War Sonatas. 6 vs 7 vs 8

Which is your favourite?

  • Sonata 6
  • Sonata 7
  • Sonata 8

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7 but it takes a special pianist to pull it off.

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6 - by Alexeev. I prefer his to the Richter. It’s cleaner…

Sokolov and Timofeyeva for me. Richter is great too. I thought I could try to explain who or which qualities would be needed to pull it off, but nope, can’t do it :slight_smile:

Edit: does Leschenko play this? She might do it well.

The 6th is my favourite, but I’m not that into any of them.

6 all the way.

I just cannot get into the 8th Sonata or the 2nd concerto

The Second concerto is one of my favourite pieces of music. Easily my favourite Prokofiev, followed by Romeo and Juliet (the ballet, not any derivative works).

I don’t recall Timofeyeva, but GS is my favourite too. I like Richter and Horowitz as well, but SR isn’t tight enough, and VH too artistic for my taste in this music. This is randomly a sonata I wish Gilels had played.

Leschenko has played it, but she dropped it already in her teens. Unsurprisingly I remember her as a bit of a speed demon in the work.

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Prokofiev is really one of the most stunning composers in history. To take on to dethrone romanticism, and to do it like this… I think it’s maybe even more impressive than the transition work done by Beethoven and Chopin. Easily one of my favourite composers, and perhaps my top pick among the post romantics.

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hahahahaha :rectum: live in wawrzaw 1946 zon 7 wuz one of tha moz intenze recz i evah heard mozlty becuz of tha 2nd mvt of all zheeyatz :lib:

but mah fav iz tha 8th playd by eitha tha CUDA or RECTUM or GAV, notabl zhoutout tha RAILKILLAH fo hiz zpeediezt 3rd mvt interp :stopwatch: :boxing_glove:

Haha u mean Warsaw 1954 tru.

hahaha TRU i am pozz thinkin of a prick8 from 1946 warzaw which wuz alzo tha bezt rec iizc :lib:

ahahahaha da zepp enjoy da 7 moz of all, n randomly i recall an early ZLIT rec of da finale of da 7 wiz a random fuckup in da 3-note repeated oct endin. pozz zhe played her own 5-note impro-zequence n fo da longezt tym da zepp thought diz wuz da urzext :laughing:

til diz day i maintain da actual urzext zound a bit zheeyat compared to diz :sunglasses:

zo ma vote zhud actually be fo: da zon-7 ZLIT edition :rofl:

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We need dat rec!!!

Dat muzt be GENZUI.

Also, da zepp emoji game… top shape!

In the live VH performance? I found it pulverizing and unsubtle. The studio account, on the other hand, meh.

Glenn Gould. Not my favorite 7, but a fascinating one. Prok-as-Bach.

Dere iz 2 live VH, a pristine 1946 unleash n a mo raped 1951 live mofo.

Plus da 1945 studio.

Randomly I like all of dem. Dere iz also a crazy 3rd movement only encore from 1953…

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The 1951 version. I’m surprised the piano survived. The 3rd movement from the 1953 silver jubilee is also pretty nuts, then again that whole recital is pretty unique in all of Horowitz’ canon.

No. 7 is for moi da best of da set. Most powerful, inspired m*zical material, cuntraszt & balanzed cumpozition. Da ending pagez of da second mvmt. eazily cuntain one of da most imprezzive moments in 20th zentury 88 cliterature pour moi.
What I hate though is peniszt racing through the last mvmt - dat spoilz everything. Da typical cumpelling 7/8 precipitattoo ProkTocc rhyzm workz bezt & ztrongezt in da Ho tempo. :ho:

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