Versus Poll - Richter vs. Horowitz

Two titans battle it out, vote for your favourite now!

  • Sviatoslav Richter
  • Vladimir Horowitz

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OMG this is cruel. I refrain from voting this time. :zipper_mouth_face:

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For me, Richter is the greatest interpretative musician we have on record, Horowitz the greatest artistic musician (and of course in my world all musicians are pianists :nerd_face:).

So what it comes down to really is whether I prefer interpretative solidity and conviction, or the more imaginative and artistic side of music.

I don’t know…

In Beethoven probably the former, in Debussy probably the latter.

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Bruh, this is like a typical 2004 pianoforum thread.


Yes, the difference being the discussion is among mofos, not cunts.
Therefore it’s not as bad and you’ve got to admit you can’t predict the result.

In all these polls I like to pit two evenly matched contenders.

There is no better, no greater, but I’m curious to see which is more popular among us SDC mofos.

I get it. That’s what I thought was fun to see with my greatest pianist ranking threads earlier too. Plus I was really impressed, haha, by the results - in that despite the tiny sample size the statistical pattern which emerged correlated nigh perfectly with my “objective” assessment of the pianists in each poll. I remember that the one thing I would have changed in the last one if I could have placed the tokens myself is that I would have given one each from Novaes and Freire to Renard.

Well, I at least like Richter’s personality better than Horowitz’s so if you force me to choose I’m going to go with him.

But it’s not clear to me that the best work of one would be better than the best work of the other.

Well personally I would choose Richter because he’s had a much greater impact on what I value in music. I love Horowitz too, but unfortunately there aren’t many recordings from the period in which I prefer him (dueing his 20s and 30s). At that point he was basically the perfect pianist.

Yeah it’s before he developed a more eccentric and personal style, those early recordings are more objectively great but less subjectively impactful on me.

I’m glad you’ve discovered the poll function and all, but maybe one a week would be enough. This is getting to be a bit much. Same goes for all the random discussions. You’ve started more topics in the last week than you did in the last 12 years. I’m starting to think someone from pianoworld hacked your account.


haha =)

Just making up for lost time! I’ll stop now :snail:

I’ll pass. They’re about equal in my pantheon, though imo Richter left a greater legacy.

Horowitz c 1924 with 11 rectal progs plus Pimp 1, T1, Rach 3


Richter 1965 with 11 progs n random pimp 2, Brahms 2

Contest cancelled due to lack of HO evidenza

Didn’t expect this one being as one sided either!

Actually tru.

Tiz a great pity that the Ho never unleashed a massive rectal cycle later in life…

He should have done more comcerti with orch too

ahahahaha deze r two evenly matched mofoz fo zhor

howevah, bazed on da one zided rezultz, i can only zurmize da tie-breakah cummah in da form of

HO in jap, harzhly :sunglasses:

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Chris, did Richter ever haff an equivalent of a HO IN JAP zheeyat, even in one song?

I can only think of dat 1950 Chop G major noct rec…

I’m not exactly sure what this means

I doubt Richter ever played when he was completely out of it/shitfaced.

Ok, objectively, he didn’t really have a “best fuckup” except in that INSANE shosty PF (even reading through that one fucker gave me PTSD)