[vid] Da Zlit bring back da PIMP TOT solo

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@ElGordito check this fury

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She’s getting pretty frisky!~ Hope she doesn’t let accuracy drop too much more tho. It can get distracting when I listen in headphones.

  • Release Date: 15th Mar 2019

pre cancellation.

surprised this is still in catalogue

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I guess decca hates freedom

any mainstream record label is gonna be woke cuz da target audience of classical is woke

She need to tune that piano. Dang! Or is it hammers worn out?

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random concert venue in Russia, tuning not high on da list of priorities pozz

she gonna do some Mussorgsky in da SCRIB museum with singer!

Fucking hell da opening raped to beyond yazhtot levels

She play brotha liszt symph three, totentanz and tanned ho in this concert? A bit masochistic!

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nice programming. Overarching idea is solo piano orch rape.

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probably did not prax it since 2011

basically got better by sdc standards.

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yeah agree

I wonder if she’s happier like she claims vs living inna evil west.

probably a bs script

The ending sounded like two tractors fighting

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ok will hear again after I finish lezzonz

Yes. Now that her hubby is away, she’s at play…if you know what I mean. No need to even get drunk before doing the nasty. Those Russian country bumpkins are so drunk that enough vodka seeps through their pores to get the entire деревня fully inebriated.


Yeah I assumed that’s what’s happening

Concert promoters are like “it’s a small town but we run things like Gergiev does. Now, do you want the concert or not?”

That shit sux I’m sure