[VID] friend of mine unleashing 10/4


filmed at 8 am, still wearing his bath robe, sort of a morning warm up, so he can do much better than this, but i thought it was aight to put up here, enjoy :wink:

rezpec da pimp robe 8)

but da :stop: duzn’t quite match up

this is indeed my recording, and indeed, I can play much better than this.
The lack of fury is because of the early hour of the day.
But I think you can hear I worked hard on the articulation of the left hand.

hahahah da claim

how long did it take you to learn dis sheeyat?

I learned it 4 years ago, when I was still a small boy. Then I thinked I worked 3 months on it. But most days, I didn’t touch the piano when I was that age. But for a competition last week, I had to practise on it again.

for the fanz: (hahahahaaahahhaa)

my scherzo 2 of chopin:

users.pandora.be/audere_est_face … herzo2.mp3

my Beethoven conc 2 (1st mov)

(these are 2 live recordings)

What do you think of these?

have fun with thiz sheeyat.


hahah da JAN :rectum:

i can see yo vid is on a .be adress,

so u live in wallonië or vlaanderen?


in vlaanderen, brugge

affff still wanna go to brugge sometime, maybe in may when im goin to oostende :whale:

who’s the dude in your avatar?

oh my gosh , its Pogorelich , how come u dun know diz face???

Probably because now Pogorelich looks like a white supremisist skinhead nazi.

but who would know da skinhead if they dont know tha originz from which he iz famouz …