video of trumofo freakout?

tru, the one that inspired da gif. i have a morbid curiosity for people det are mentally fucked in the head. Anyone saved this piece of history?

juz look on yo camera :dong:

can someone check da IP address?


So far he’s the only user posting from this address

doesn’t mean anything, TM usually use different IP for different logins.

if he is was bbbworship, I remember him from pf or cf or some other sheeyat. So not TM.

i don’t think tiz TM.
jfletch can be a little slow but he iznt retarded lyk tm



perhapz tiz tm’s greatest cuntribution to humanity?

ahahah theze clazzicz :tm:

pozz tha nu bez part iz tha run up n dive on tha couch maneuva in part 3


or pozz, da way he zpitz furiously on da first vid

n den meekly cleanz hiz own mess up, right after da act 8)

wow, certainly rivals the ‘worlds greatest freakout’. And the camera falling off at the end of the second one is rather funny.

perhaps its time to make a YT account solely for the purpose of sharing these videos.

Hi, perhaps someone could describe why these videos were made, or what caused the individual in them to get so angry?

being banned from da sdc … by da canadian

he’s mentally retarded. /thread

Haha daim pozz a gud way to blackmail da TM 8)


ahahahahah :doc: