[VIDS] jredmond: Byrd, Bach/Sil, Chopet10/8, Hoiby

pozz some other sheeyat comin’ soon. not a great concert, but may post Gibet and my fucking furiouz chopet encore

William Byrd

Part 1
Prelude (from Fitzwilliam Virginal sheeyat)
Clarifica me, Pater (I) 1:32
Clarifica me, Pater (II) 3:17
Clarifica me, Pater (III) 5:00


Part 2
Pavan and Galliard, MB52


Bach-Siloti Prelude


Chopet 10/8

Apologies for fucked up hiccup in the middle. I forgot to format the SD card in camera to NTFS and it switched to a new 4GB block in the middle of the rec. I couldn’t join the two files without this split… dammit


One last thing for you guys, not gonna be uploaded on yt on account of sloppy

but you might enjoy the fury

Lee Hoiby, prelude no.2 from op.7 “Five Preludes”… circa 1951?


AHAHAHAHAH da 10/8 iz tru 8)

not quite :lugy: level but still very good 8)

nice pieces here


epic playing sir … love the bach/siloti 8)

haha thanks for the belated rezpec

new rectal program later this month: Ligeti Musica Ricercata, In The Mists, and Schubert 1st Sonata. Will post

i’ll be waiting for dat Ligeti :smiley:

how many ligets are you up to now, nor?