here\s the result of some ugly mf video job editg i just finish3d fw min ago. brahms# 2nd and beeth# 1th piano concts with blgrd phil. orch. //all files are of the same fat weight / 10mb. do some clicking if you want. sin.</bad mofo>


fixd :wink:

nice shit man. dat must be a blast 2 play w/ an orchestra like dat.

however, 05 duznt work 4 me. i get an error message.

Sinadin. My niggah, you have returned.

hahahahahaah RESPEC!!!

I must say the editing is a bit sheeyat at times but those are pretty neat vids. And respec for the facial expressions. :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahahahahaha, indeed it cutz off at da gud partz!

hahahaha, sinnah r u gonna releaze da complete unedited vidz?

record a vod of yozelf playin da 10/4 at 1 30 8)

Very nice.
My respec to you. 8)

hahaha, edit dem bettah

too fat file, can’t stand da file transfer that would take da life time (my nerves are to thin for dat). however, i’ll post some copies for those who cant live without my ugly face. hmm… i’ll see these days. maybe i’ll visit my faculty server with the hard copy in my hands.

hahaha RESPEC!

actually yo facial expressionz r wikid 8)