Vintage trumofo unleash hiz piano varz

Diz an orgynal (sic) TM compo

Rezpek da soulful melancholy :scrib:
seriously, definite talent!

I never finished diz, but I used to enjoy cum-posing

I think it helps your playing tbh, particularly in romantic era pieces.

It was certainly very enjoyable.
However, why waste time on something amateurish and not original?

I would like to do some more transcriptions and paraphrases.
Original compos? Forget it.

Paraphrases are great fun to write. You don’t need to think up a melody, it’s already there and you just have to apply pianistic ingenuity to it. Tbh I think original compositions are harder to write.

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Mannnnn da zepp vil try to zend hiz chick home early tonite n binge-browze daSDC fo all diz nu gensui pozted 8)

I recommend sum vigorous exercises fo her to go to zleep inztead 8)

too m*zical, moar raw speed needed


diz compo iz randomly

bettah den 80% of da ZCRIB output 8)

n da TRUMOFO random 10th zkippah tech iz a trademark. da BIRTHDAY VARz wiz random zkippahz in both handz daiiiim diz da hardezt part fo da zepp :sunglasses:

ahahaha REZPEC da ziterape of da LH var

FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK diz EPIC CODA VAR iz much bettah den da BIRTHDAY VAR coda, FUCK ul da zcore to diz gensui az well!!! :sunglasses:

I had a perf of this dat very day at da yard and I ended da perf wiz da LH var and walked out

I have a rec sumwhere.

aborted tm VARS live (pro rec at jyard compoz rectal)
I wuz nervouz az fuck and wuz debating whether I shud unleash da last var.

decided against it 8)

whut a surprisingly sheeyeat perf from DAT SAME DAY 8)

TM aborted live Vars at da 4.16.2014 Doublevizion Jyard Zeriez

Yes, da minute of silence at da start is part of da song 8)

AHAHAHAHAHA da theme n zkippah varz r both randomly mo WIKID in diz interp. randomly u zound mo CHILL in diz perf :sunglasses:

AHAHAHA da 3’48 PAGE TURN fo da LH var, randomly prezerved even on ztage REZPEC 8)


da next compo aftah yoz :sunglasses:

Hahahaha!!! 8)