Vladimir Horowitz Live at Carnegie Hall (41 CDs + 1 DVD)

arkivmusic.com/classical/alb … id=1012100

It will be released on 9/30/2013. Anybody here thinking of buying it? It’s a bit too much money for me but I hope Sony releases that DVD of Horowitz’s 1968 TV concert separately.


I doubt the video quality will be any better than the .avi version that’s been floating around the net for years.

I might get the set anyway. I’m keen to hear the stuff from the 40s, most of which I don’t think I have?
Also interested in the '53 jubliee recital, the version I’ve got is a semi tone sharp. It has the best op 72 nocturne I’ve heard and an interesting (if idiosyncratic) schubert Bb sonata.

A friend of mine ordered it and I’ll post it as soon as he gets it to me.

talking about boxset. The Leon Fleisher, Gary Grafmann, Byron Janis and Van Cliburn all released their boxset last year. If only I am not so fucking poor now I finished my PhD and has no more scholarship.

congrats on finishing dude, that’s a great achievement!

Only box I looked into getting was the Janis but I think it was all stuff I already had.

I’ve picked this up - haven’t listened to everything (and I confess I haven’t even popped the DVD in). Very glad to have a stash of Horowitz at work, and the box is like a miniature Carnegie Hall… 8)

Dude thanks. I think the Fleisher will be interesting, he has always been one of my favorite (his Brahms is impeccable) and Grafmann set has a lot of out of print stuff that I want to get my hands on.

Janis I have pretty much all of the stuff in the set.

Fleisher’s Brahms 1 is absolutely incredible. I’ve never really warmed to the rest of his concerto recordings though. I feel that there isn’t enough personality in them; the playing is a bit bland.

and e60m5, how did you pick this set up already? I thought it will only be released tomorrow? 8)

I pre-ordered mine from Amazon UK some time ago - I think the UK release predated the US release. Sadly no inside connections!