Volodos Brahms concerto in repertoir

He is to play the Brahms 2 a couple of times this year. We need a recording of him playing this! :slight_smile:

Volodos has the pro technique of all…but I think Hamelin beats his technique!

We need more transcriptions of volodos like the Rondo alla Turca btw!


I get a bit sick fo transcriptions etc, but more often that not I like Volodos reworkings, and also his reworkings of other peoples reworkings.
Its hard to know how Hamelins and Volodos techniques compare. Can techniques even be compared? I would kill to hear just how Volodos would play a Godowsky etude though. Maybe he would rework it, lol.

can’t say I’m too fond of either, except for the Rach Cello sonata trans.