Volodos rep

Interesting. Volodos is adding Beethoven 3rd to his rep, and also some chamber music -

konzerthaus.de/programm/konz … rling/2140
konzerthaus.de/programm/konz … erlin/2158

He’ll play new solo repertoire as well:

Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonate d-Moll op. 31 Nr. 2 (“Der Sturm”)
Johannes Brahms: Vier Klavierstücke op. 119
Franz Schubert: Sonate B-Dur op. posth. D 960

His manager told me that he’ll probably replace Brahms’s op. 119 for op. 76…

hhahahaa dang tha zherbert zhud be legendary :rudy:

Tru, looking forward to hearing this!

tru went to see volodos once, the schubert was actually the highlight imo, his more virtuostic stuff became boring quickly