Weissenberg and Brahms

I have a 2nd Brahms piano concerto played by Weissenberg in 1988, a Live version. No further infos.

Could you help me to get more infos about it?

I don’t have any later than 1985:

1960 with Maag
1969 with Pretre
1982 with Slatkin
1983 with Muti x2
1985 with Chailly

He did play it up to 1987, but I can’t find any from 1988 either among the AW people. I would guess that what you’ve got is either a mislabeling or a broadcast date.

Would you share the Pretre (if it’s not cut in the first movement) and the Chailly versions?
I’m looking for both of them!

If you want, I can upload two versions: with Abbado and with Caracciolo, both during 1960s.

If you have the 1987 version we can compare the duration of each movement: if they fit, then we can see the infos.

Mine are:

I - 17’32’’
II - 8’37’’
III - 11’06’’
IV - 8’46’’ (included 6 seconds of applause)

Are these first note to last note, or the total time of the tracks?

Doesn’t matter, remove 2 on each and you’ve got the 1987. What you have appears to be from Madrid 1987-03-12, first broadcast on Spanish TV (<–!) in 1988.

How? They just showed a blank screen Black Arts style?
Or was it filmed and the audio which circulates was taken from this?

Hehe, tru. Budget cuts, you know. :wink:

No I assume csaba has an audio copy of the broadcast.

I have the video, if anyone wants it.

I keep my videos separate from my audio, and I didn’t think to check there earlier. :blush:

I’m interested!
Rezpec in advance 8)

They are the full tracks. Xsdc is right: mine is a copy and, according with the date, it could be a performance by Weissenberg under Theodor Gulschbauer and RTVE SO

Yep, my video was capped from an RTVE re-broadcast by a Spanish friend.