Welcum back: da Comme n da Zepp! Da SDC foundin fatha thread

Bring back this legend?

  • Truuuuu, bring back da SDC foundin daddy
  • I dun like da comme so, no
  • I dun give a flying fuck either way

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:comme: :comme: :comme:

Da comme responded to ma FB message and is BACK 8)

So is da zepp! Otha SDC legends is welcum to make a random appearance!
Bring back da SDC golden age!

Enuff ZLOWNESS! Bring back da CG n da chill!

Truuuuuuu!!! :stop: :stop: :stop:

Get out and vote!

I thought you said he was coming back yesterday ?

I invited his ass!

And of course da comme agreed

you prolly gotta make the account for him, since this place don’t send confo emails to new accounts

Diz mofo will be back any second!!

Da random return :comme:

Da prezzure iz on to make an epic entrance, but inztead I vil proceed to undahwhelm 8)

He is BACK!!! :comme:

Diz iz tru



:approved: :gold: :gold: :gold:


he even got through the NASA security entrance encryption fire wall

Diz da COMME Himzelf.

Whut sheeyat? 8)

Haff sum rezpek, SDC MOFO.

Diz mofo be none Otha den one ov DASDC founding fathers.

Comme - how you been?

Who da fuck iz da xsdc :lib:

Nu mofo o OG SDC mofo?

Diz a nu mofo with a wikid recs collection.
I invited his ass here personally. 8)

Haha rezpec iz due den. Gud evening, n velcum

Datz rite! Welcum back, comme!

Mannnnn, What has yo azz been up to lately?
Working out? 8)

u did?

I think this is you Mikhail, just so you know :dong:

Nope. Comme, we need proof that this is you for real

Mofoz think Diz too good to be tru 8)

Haha a tezt iz due. Azk da Comme a sheeyat da Comme wud only noe