We're fucked

New Nature paper out today. Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees requires immediate ban on all fossil fuel sources.


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ahahahaha daiiiiim

i noe tiz inzanely hot in europe rite now wiz da heat wavez n all but

tiz da zepp’z well-rezearched opinion dat

znow zhovelin iz a bit zheeyat :canada: :sunglasses:


Haha cinc I live next to da beach da heat wave bazically meanz mo chix in bikiniz

N diz y I invezt in fozzil fuel :sunglasses:


In Oz dey juz opening new coal mines. Woohoo. :australia:

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Haha juz got done watchin zeazon 2 ov Wolf Creek. rezpec da OZ inzane heat :sunglasses:

Aha, da DOUBLE HEAT theory cummah soon, pozz? :wim:

Modern day capitalism and environmentalism are mutually incompatible, if you ask me. And before anyone says anything, no China isn’t communist, it’s a repressive, hyper-authoritarian capitalist slave labour dictatorship whose best product appears to be :dong: :open_mouth:


That’s grossly underestimating da :zepp:


ahahahahah lez turn diz into a UZA vz CHINA thread

zhorly mo wikid dizcuzzionz den climate change :sunglasses:

Let’z haff uza v china by proxy.

I hereby challenge da trump to grab sum :panda_face: puzzy.


Damn, they made that into a TV show? I randomly thought that was a shit movie.

Mind you, pandas probably confuze da trump into sum cognitive dizzonanz when he can’t undahztand wut iz diz niggah doing in a KKK coztume.


ahahaha fuck!!

pozz da bezt reazon y da :panda_face: zhud becummah da tru zymbol of world peace :sunglasses:

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at leazt we all fuckt together :sunglasses:

HAHA diz zlitely wtf entry :sunglasses:

But at least the US stock market is doing well…

This all false indicators. Printing and giving away money means institutional wealth can’t use bonds and other instruments as much. They are forced into market. Cheap credit also stoking consumption. It’s like a debt flash fire torching consumers ability to participate in society without lifelong indentured servitude. If it doesn’t end in some revolution, nationalistic or socialistic uprising I’ll be surprised.


:robot: will fix.


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da ZEPP cud try to put hiz citizenzhip on ebay :sunglasses:


That is the precise intention. The only truly free people will be the independently rich.

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(Both likely trannies but that is irrelevant now)

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