whaddya bootin with dese daze??

I used to use a Sony Pro Walkman, back in da times when your average SDCer wasn’t even a twinkle in their Dad’s eye. I have heard many fine boots from this site, and would like to know what you all have been using to capture da Fury… I have a shitty lil 1GB made in China Mp3 player that has a voice recorder on it, and it kinda blows for piano bootin [Easy to distort, compressed D-range, etc]…Are there any decent MP3 players that are good recorders, or are there any good recorders that you recommend? [[hopefully not too expensive}} Thanks, Sousa

I use my mp3 player (iRiver H320 with Rockbox) along with a soundpro dual-point stereo mic.

My mp3 player records in Wav and has a built in Peak meter with Auto Gain control, and numerous other features.

I know a few people who have bought Edirol portable recorders that record in 24 bit Super sweet hq sound. Check out their site for some sample - Even the built in mic produces better recordings than most people will get with most other devices.

i use an olympus digital voice recorder vn-960pc. i think it really works well, and it comes with a software that i can use to manage and edit my files. if you guys heard pita bread’s barber ballade recording, that was done with my recorder. i bought an external mic for it because the little built-in one is a bit sheeyat. it costs about $40 i think.

What format does it record in? That’s really one of the most important factors once you have the ext mic… imo

it records to .wav files.

word. what kinda storage capacity do you have? Is there an expansion slot?

im not sure about the storage capacity in megabytes. it stores about 15 hours though. there is no expansion slot.

15 hours of Wav would equal about 10 GB… which simply isn’t possible,

you have a link to the product? I’m curious to see it

hmm, i gave you the wrong info, now that i found the paperwork. in HQ mode, it records approx 355 minutes. in SP mode, it records approx 535 minutes. in LP mode, it records approx 990 minutes. i guess it reduces the quality somehow, or something, im not sure. it says that it holds about 128 mb, so theres gotta be something wrong somewhere. i actually havent used it for a long time, so i may be confusing the output format with another recordign device ive used, which is probably the case.

K, cool… Do you have a link though? I’m looking for a pretty cheap, compact, flash-based recorder with a line-in port.

ah sorry, forgot to insert it in the last post.

amazon.com/Olympus-VN-960PC- … B000A2EXI8

Well, that looks pretty bad-ass.

Can you confirm for me at some point that it records in 44.1 khz WAV(CD qualilty) and not 8 or 16 khz wav(telephone or radio quality).

If it’s only 128 MB… recording in CD quality Wav would allow for like 15 mins only… My guess is that it’s only meant for low quality voice recordings and records in 8khz mono only or something.

yeah ill make a little recording sometime, or whatever. just dont forget to remind me.