WHALE Prick 2

haha tru wuz showing da prok 2 to zum friendz who’d nevah heard it yesterday

then randomly today wuz juzt chillin on da front ztepz at school n dis friend of mine (trumpet playah) who workz at tha MTL zymphony houze sayz “there’z sum russian peniz playin sum prok tonight, you should check it out”

so i look at tha program online n see tiz da :whale: randomly playing PROK 2. WTF i haven’t heard anything about dis. Concert’z in 50 minutez.

Head ovah there wiff a friend, zum old lady’z waiting outzide trying to sell 2 ticketz cuz her husband wuz sick n couldn’t come or sumthin. Student price wuz 25$ so offered that n zhe wuz cool with it. 8) (each ticket originally worth $72) :brotha:

tru a bunch of wrong notez in da 1zt mvmt :dong:

orcheztra had zum trouble with keeping up with da whale & Nagano’z tempo, especially in da 2nd mvmt. 3rd & 4th were quite nice. Dat fucker’z got a big sound!. Alzo i wuz quite high tru, zo can’t really give da greatezt review. Not quite DAVID CARUZO level but ztill pretty good.

Orchestra alzo played Puzzy’s LA MER n Ravel’z Daphniz & Cloe (orkestral xcerptz) plus a random LA VALZE encore

random reception aftah da concert foh da “YOUNG AMBASSADORS OF THE OSM” (juzt random sheeyat to try n get young peopl to go see the osm’z showz) were they were giving a free drink ticket if you looked young enough :jacko: got a gin n tonic + a larzen VSOP foh free

tru a good night all in all :stop:

ahaha nice!
I don’t think I’ve ever heard da whale in da prick 2
Good work on getting da student rate from da lady, although didn’t they have any rush tickets left?
Here if you’re over 26 apparently you have no business being a student so you have to pay the full price for everything no matter how poor you are.

Tru the european 26- rule 8) everything becomes fucking expensive once you’re passed 25, sucks balls.

And sweet review Fake, good shit :smiley:

haha tru dey haff dat same rule here, no student-price on ticketz if you’re 26. Which I am.

But i didn’t tell da old lady about dat 8)

da sdc crowd getting old 8)

tru, we’ve been at diz for 10 yearz now. :stop:


hahhaah fuuuuuckkkkkkk :whale:

ahahahaha da clazzic ‘i iz too old fo diz zheeeyat’ look :gav: